Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years!

I have been sick for a week just lying in the bed and decided to blog. I needed to do some serious catching up. So after 4 long posts and 7 hours later I may never blog again. Who ever thought a blogathon was a good idea anyway? Well it's not so I advise you to not do it...ever.OK OK sure I'll blog again but not because I actually enjoy it. This is strictly so I cant print this out and look back all the amazing things that have happen in my life. Anyways the Holidays are my absolute favorite time of the year. I have a permanent smile on my face and heart. Here is why they are so great. THANKSGIVING- We ate ate the downtown Hyatt and had the best meal! What made it better was no cooking or cleaning. We then headed to the cabin to do our annual Christmas tree hunting, (because we only hunt trees in this family) When we arrived in Colorado my dad presented the finished barn to everyone, it was amazing and we had a feast there with the Amish. They don't do photographs that is why there are no pictures of them. Nathan said it was a real Thanksgiving feast like the pioneers and Indians and we were definitely the Indians. The Amish made 200 of the best doughnuts ever and Mike ate 10 and Nathan 6 and I am sure Chad had just as much or more. Basically they were so addicting you couldn't stop eating them. And me I just had one little nibble, how sad. Other things that made me happy during this time were Mikes moon boots that the whole family looks forward to every year. The kids beautiful faces. Our cook out around the fire, finding the perfect tree, pushing the cars because they always get stuck, I was their #1 cheerleader cheering them on.Building the ultimate barricade for the ultimate snow fight and going back to the cabin and being together, drinking hot chocolate and playing games. Thanksgiving doesn't get any better than that.
CHRISTMAS TIME!!! December was the perfect month. Starting with the family going over to each others houses to see their Christmas tree and decorations and to eat a special treat. Also each family shared a Christmas message. The whole family loved this and now it will become a permanent tradition! Next was our family ugly sweater Christmas party and white elephant exchange. I was so proud of everyone's get up especially Dave. Now Dave was grew up in the 80's so when he came over with his sunglasses, rolled jeans and fanny pack it was as if the real Dave just walked through the door. The 80's fits him so well that he should rock that style always. Needles to say he one the prize for the best get up. Now, my pants I found in my moms closet, they were the real deal mom pants. You know the ones with the really long crotch, and puffy front. Well they made my bottom look so so...big and vurlumptuous and nasty all at the same time, that all through the night people kept commenting on how big my bottom looked in the pants and how gross the pants where. Mission accomplished, sorry mom. Next game the games and they were funny. The ultimate winners were Dave and Muff which I was not surprised because they are fierce competitors! Then came the gifts.Dave made an ipad from the 80's and it was by far the best thing there. How ever no one wanted to pick Muffs gift because of it's weird shape. My dad who was last could have gotten something good but decided to pick her gift and what a terrible mistake that was. It turned out to be Sam and Maddie's old potty toilet meant to be carried with you at any time just in case you had to go real bad and had no access to a toilet.Nastyyy. The party was a great success! I then went with my parents to Salt lake. I love Salt lake at Christmas because it reminds me of my wedding. We went to the temple, saw the lights, shopped, saw the tabernacle choir perform,and saw the play about Christs life at the conference Center. My favorite was the play, it was so beautiful. Lastly for Christmas we went to Seattle and had the greatest time. It is so pathetic I only took 2 pictures. On Christmas Eve we went to both Grandma Anderson s and Nathans mothers sisters home. All the extended family had gathered at both places so it was great to see everyone. We had a great Christmas day and hung out at Nathans home playing games and eating lots of great food. We saw our friends and did a few other fun things but it was a short trip because we had to get back to work.Overall a perfect Christmas!
NEW YEARS EVE Every year we eat at Dions and then head over to the church for a dance that Abe dj's and then back to mom and dads house for games and more food. The highlight of this night is the dance. And this year was especially great because my Dad really got his groove on. It was making all my sibling so happy to see him Shake it! We just couldn't get enough! Then he really out did himself when he got in the middle of the circle and danced like a wild man! How I wish I had that on Video. Other highlights was mom and her ballet moves, so cute.Carter and his amazing brake dance moves, Nathan swinging the kids in the air, Avalies worm, Emma finally breaking out of her shell and dancing like a crazy girl and having so much we didn't want the night to end.